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Privacy Policy

The SOFTWARE publisher is DROON SAS, registered with the RCS of Créteil under number 850183708, and whose registered office is located at 25 Bis Rue Saint Georges 94700 MAISONS-ALFORT, France.

During its use, the SOFTWARE, installed in the Infrastructures and Applications of the USER, is required to transmit data which will be processed by the Servers and Software hosted by DROON, then sent back to the USER.

In the event that PERSONAL DATA (DCP) is processed, the SUPPLIER and the USER will each be jointly responsible for processing within the meaning of the GDPR. 

The DCPs concerned are the DCPs contained in the USER's files and documents.

The operational range carried out by the SOFTWARE and DROON is initially the cryptographic pseudonymization of these DCPs, and secondly the disclosure under conditions of these DCPs, within the framework of the use and license agreement approved by the USER , whether for the free version or the paid version.

The USER is responsible for compliance with the legal provisions of the GDPR for all personal data contained in its files and documents, in particular when they are presented in clear text in these files.

The SUPPLIER ensures that only personal data strictly necessary for the legitimate operation of the service are collected. Only the data targeted and marked by the USER are transmitted, and, once processed, masked or unmasked, no data is kept by the SUPPLIER beyond a technical log of processing traceability.

The competent contact for DROON can be reached at

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