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Circles of Trust : the alternative to passwords to secure your documents 
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What is a Circle of Trust ?

Circles of Trust allow you to create groups of users, with the same level of confidentiality rights, who can mask and unmask sensitive data inside your documents, databases and emails.

Advantages to adopt the Circles of Trust


Circles of Trust eliminate security vulnerabilities due to poor management of passwords within your company (theft & loss). In addition, the Circles of Trust are protected by Blockchain registers. Only the owners of the circle can modify this register, no external attack can modify the list of members of the circle.


Circles of trust allow several people to work on the same document while controlling access to your confidential information. You are no longer forced to create copies of a document without sensitive information each time it is shared with a collaborator or external partner who does not have the necessary level of confidentiality.


Circles of trust only require the creation of the circle and the management of its members through a dedicated website. As soon as you are part of a circle of trust, it will be available for use inside your documents with the Add-in RansomDataProtect

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